Word Counter

Calculate number of words or characters for any sentence(s).


Word Counter - a free online tool for counting words and characters for any given text content (one or more sentences).

How does it work ?

Besides word count, it also calculates the number of characters, unique words, average characters per word, most occuring word etc. This page is not fully complete yet, I'll add more features over next few weeks. If you want to suggest something, please let me know. If you write frequently and need to follow certain word limit, it's a nice little tool for that purpose. You may bookmark it for future use.

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Update! : Some users were uploading huge files causing downtime for everyone else, that's why we've decided to add some limit(100k characters) for content length. If your document is larger than 100k characters you can simply split into two and count one by one. We did not really wanted to do this but our servers could not handle such load.

New! : You may find this word finder useful as well.