Number of syllables in the word 'mechanical'

Find out how many syllables are there in the word mechanical.

  1. No of syllables in mechanical : 4
  2. Divide syllables in mechanical : me-chan-i-cal

More about the word - mechanical

  1. noun
  2. Synonyms : pasteup
  3. Definition : Manually created layout of artwork that is camera ready for photographic reproduction.
  4. Definition : One who does manual labor, especially one who is similar to Shakespeare's rude mechanicals
  5. Definition : A robot or mechanical creature.
  6. Definition : A mechanical engineer.
  1. adjective
  2. Definition : Characteristic of someone who does manual labour for a living; coarse, vulgar.
  3. Definition : Related to mechanics (the branch of physics that deals with forces acting on mass).
  4. Definition : Related to mechanics (the design and construction of machines).
  5. Definition : Done by machine.


How does it work ?

It's based on a combination of a simple algorithm and a fast dictionary dataset to perform the quick lookup of syllables. If you find any error please report so I can fix it ASAP. Additional details about the words are fetched through open source APIs and the sources mentioned above.

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