Number of syllables in the word 'graph'

Find out how many syllables are there in the word graph.

  1. No of syllables in graph : 1
  2. Divide syllables in graph : graph

More about the word - graph

  1. noun
  2. Synonyms : glyph, topological graph
  3. Definition : (applied mathematics) A data chart (graphical representation of data) intended to illustrate the relationship between a set (or sets) of numbers (quantities, measurements or indicative numbers) and a reference set, whose elements are indexed to those of the former set(s) and may or may not be numbers.
  4. Definition : A set of points constituting a graphical representation of a real function; (formally) a set of tuples (x_1, x_2, \ldots, x_m, y)\in\R^{m+1}, where y=f(x_1, x_2, \ldots, x_m) for a given function f: \R^m\rightarrow\R.
  5. Definition : (formally) An ordered pair of sets (V,E), where the elements of V are called vertices or nodes and E is a set of pairs (called edges) of elements of V; (less formally) a set of vertices (or nodes) together with a set of edges that connect (some of) the vertices.
  6. Definition : A topological space which represents some graph (ordered pair of sets) and which is constructed by representing the vertices as points and the edges as copies of the real interval [0,1] (where, for any given edge, 0 and 1 are identified with the points representing the two vertices) and equipping the result with a particular topology called the graph topology.
  1. verb
  2. Synonyms : chart, plot
  3. Definition : To draw a graph.
  4. Definition : To draw a graph of a function.


How does it work ?

It's based on a combination of a simple algorithm and a fast dictionary dataset to perform the quick lookup of syllables. If you find any error please report so I can fix it ASAP. Additional details about the words are fetched through open source APIs and the sources mentioned above.

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