Number of syllables in the word 'gateway'

Find out how many syllables are there in the word gateway.

  1. No of syllables in gateway : 2
  2. Divide syllables in gateway : gate-way

More about the word - gateway

  1. noun
  2. Definition : An entrance capable of being blocked by use of a gate.
  3. Definition : Any point that represents the beginning of a transition from one place or phase to another.
  4. Definition : A point at which freight moving from one territory to another is interchanged between transportation lines.
  5. Definition : (digital communications) In wireless internet, an access point with additional software capabilities such as providing NAT and DHCP, which may also provide VPN support, roaming, firewalls, various levels of security, etc.
  1. verb
  2. Definition : (digital communications) To make available via a gateway, or access point.


How does it work ?

It's based on a combination of a simple algorithm and a fast dictionary dataset to perform the quick lookup of syllables. If you find any error please report so I can fix it ASAP. Additional details about the words are fetched through open source APIs and the sources mentioned above.

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